3 bedroom apartment Aguda, Surulere

A 3D picture of 3 bedroom apartments at A-apartmentsThese 3 bedroom apartments by A-apartments are situated at the heart of serene Aguda, Surulere.  Poised in a world-class environment, residents are able to relate with like-minds and safeguard a secure future for their families and investments.

A 3 bedroom flat already brims with the joys of family and the excitement of a new home. If you are looking for a 3 bedroom apartment for sale in Lagos, you have a perfect place at A-apartments. The apartment features fully furnished units with 24/7 electrical power supply, ensuite rooms, and swimming pools. Essentially, the apartments enable an easier form of living, with utilities and necessities made available.

Another reason for 3 bedroom A-apartment units being a top choice is its location. It is situated 10 minutes away from Leisure Mall, which can be used for shopping and other recreational activities. You could spend a fun night out, and maintain a social tempo while being nested close by.

Also, A-apartments are surrounded by various reputable schools and educational institutions for children. The apartments also have easily accessible routes to Lagos Island, while it is not removed from the mainland and is proximity to the airport.

The occupants of the 3-bedroom flats at A-apartments also stand to gain a rich choice from the long list of social centers scattered around Aguda. Some other benefits of buying A-Apartments’ 3 bedroom apartment are:


All residents that grab their opportunity for A-apartments will be able to enjoy:

  • 24/ electrical power
  • an exquisite yard swimming pool
  • apartment units are fully furnished, however, interior design can be modified to personal taste
  • ensuite rooms
  • concierge services
  • spacious parking lot

Outright Price: N50,000,000

Initial deposit: N3,000,000 

After the initial payment, the balance is spread for up to 18 months. Contact us for more inquiries or to purchase A-apartments’ 3-bedroom units