10 Fun Ideas for Christmas Home Decor

We are officially in the most merry season of the year! Whoosh Whoosh! The excitement is all up in the air, decorations are being set up, the festivities have begun and we are ready to be jolly this Christmas season. 

Lights, glitter, shimmer! While you pull out the extra couch to host family and friends over age-long tales, special seasonal delicacies and tummy squishing laughter, we have rounded up 10 fun home decoration ideas for you to choose from this Christmas. 

From classic antiques-filled trees, to hallway garlands and handcrafted personalized jewels, we are certain you will find glimmers of inspiration to make your home a jolly wonder. 

Make a Grand Entrance 

Let the fun begin from the front door. Decorate your entrance with a reel of ribbon and a fancy garland to welcome guests.

The Classic Christmas Tree 

There’s probably one standing in the sitting room of every home you walk into right now. Nothing depicts the Christmas season as much as this widespread layers of sparkling cheer. To add more depth to the tree, adorn with metallic ornaments and ribbons in colors of your choice. 

Get Creative with Handcrafted decorations

We can already see the kids giggling at the idea of making crafts and cluster side by side. This is a perfect family bonding activity that could turn into a Christmas tradition handed down to generations. Handcrafted decorations are a great way to give your Christmas decor a unique, personal touch. 

Let your Tree be Alté 

If you are one of those people who love to do things differently, away from the norm; then an alternative tree is a perfect choice. Personalize it to fit your imaginative ideas, maximalist or minimalist style, or to express a strong emotion of love and cheer.

Deck The Hallway 

Spruce up the hallway in your home with tree cut-outs, gold shiny balls, and a bright star with bulb string lights running all the way through. 

Rainbow is The New Green 

It’s 2023, skip the typical green clichè, let’s add colors instead. Use your preferred bright colors to create an eclectic rainbow effect on the christmas tree.

Snowy Christmas Candle

This is a cheap and easy option using supplies already available at home. Lit up those candles and make your garden of flowers glow this christmas.  

Less Tree, More Plants 

Hey plant moms/dads, it’s your turn to take the spotlight. Decorate your home with your potted plants decorated with lights, green richness and glints.

Cards on Display 

Tie a dash of fresh greens to a wooden hanger and display it somewhere within reach, so you can clip on Christmas cards as soon as they arrive.

Matchy Matchy with Walls 

Select your Christmas decor to match your home decor using similar color pastel. Imagine how beautiful a pink and berry littered Christmas tree would look against warm neutral shade of same colored walls.

Get in the mood of the season with any of our Christmas decor ideas. Let it feel like Christmas and the joy that the holiday season brings. 

Seasons Greetings from Thinkmint Nigeria.

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