5 Ways To Make Your Apartment Comfortable During Rainy Season

The rainy season (also called the Monsoon) is that season of the year where there is high level of precipitation in the atmosphere.


It is that period of the year from April to October, where your apartment and environment deserve extra care to avoid unforeseen circumstances that may bring discomfort.


During the rainy season here in Nigeria, there is a high probability of flooding, and if you’re staying in such with bad drainage, then you need to read this article to know the best way to protect your apartment and make it comfortable this rainy season.


We have highlighted 5 ways to make your apartment comfortable during rainy season


1. Keep Outdoor Clean

Keep outdoors spaces clean, as accumulated trash could cause an unhygienic environment. 


It is also important to have the necessary tools to clean, sweep and clean accumulated dust. Use water absorbing mats in your house to maintain dryness. The dirt on the floor could attract insects into your home which may result to harmful disease. Ensure to clean your house to avoid unnecessary health issues.

2. Repair Roofings and Ceilings

Ensure roofings are in good condition and they do not collapse during rainfall. Do this with necessary care to avoid accidents.  Also, never place things on ceilings such as loose sheets or other objects that could become hazardous. 


3. Avoid Moisture

Check the surrounding of your home and fix everything necessary to avoid moisture.

It is also important to use waterproofing on exterior like walls, as it will repel water and prevent the penetration of moisture from leaving a natural appearance.


4. Check Electrical Installations

During the rainy season, the tendency of high voltage or electric spark is very high. So, it is necessary to check your switch and home appliances and ensure everything is fine. This will prevent potential electric damages in your home.


5. Fix Wall Cracks

Fixing your apartment wall cracks help keep your home safe and comfortable during the rainy season. This will prevent water from penetrating your apartment thereby resulting to wall paint from washing off.

Therefore, it’s good to check for any cracks in your apartment and seal them before rainfall.


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