7 important tips to consider before remodelling your kitchen

Every house kitchen needs remodeling and renovation every five to ten years.

With the advancements in technology, more sustainable and power-efficient heating systems, ovens, refrigerators and stoves are available.

Before you start remodeling your kitchen, you must consider reviewing its total cost and feasibility.

In this article are 7 important tips to consider before remodeling your kitchen


  1. Get Ideas from a Professional Architect

    Get design ideas from architects and interior designers. If you are budget-constrained, you can ask freelance architects to propose 3D designs for your kitchen.

    However, getting ideas from a professional architect helps you finalize your kitchen’s theme, furniture, and fittings. Remodeling the entire kitchen might sound complicated and challenging, but a professional architect would assist you in drafting your ideas and requirements in 3D, which will make things easier.

  2. Review Your Finances and Set a Budget

    Before taking multiple quotes from different vendors and contractors, you must consider reviewing your budget and finances. It is essential to set a definite budget to invest in updating and remodeling your kitchen.

    However, it is recommended to have a flexible budget if you plan to install state-of-the-art accessories and appliances.

  3. Time Frame

    Set a decent time frame to find alternatives and manage your daily meals so your remodeling project does not hinder your everyday life.  Moreover, you need to find a professional team of contractors and installers who can complete the entire project before the deadline. It is common among contractors to drag things out, so make sure to discuss everything before time.


      4. Illuminated and attractive lightings fixtures

To make your kitchen look more attractive, alluring, and unique, you must consider installing the best light fixtures. You can search for ideas on the internet about light shades, positions and angles on which you should install them. If you love cooking and spend three to four hours a day in your kitchen, consider installing energy-efficient spotlights and LED bulbs.


     5. Install Environmental Friendly Appliances

  Installation of environment-friendly appliances reduces your overall energy bills and consumes less electricity. Moreover, your kitchen’s exhaust remains cool and doesn’t affect your house’s internal temperature. Environment-friendly appliances work at their optimum efficiency without affecting the internal environment or the air temperature.


     6.  Pick Sustainable Materials

     From flooring to cabinets, it is your responsibility to install sustainable and durable materials. It is suggested to install fixtures having high heat capacity, which don’t expand or react under high temperatures. Sustainable materials are beneficial in the long run and save you a fortune.


   7.  Make Provision for Exhausts and Cross Ventilation

While remodeling the kitchen, you must ensure that your kitchen has sufficient ventilation and dedicated space for the exhaust system. Never compromise on the exhaust and gas fittings, as these fixtures need to be regularly maintained and checked to avoid uncertain fire and damage. 

You can consult a professional mechanical engineer to examine your current kitchen fittings and exhaust system.

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