How Nigerians in Diaspora can Invest in Real Estate 

There are over 20 Million Nigerians in diaspora who live in different parts of the world, including – Asia, America, Europe and other continents. 

There’s a popular fun-fact about finding Nigerians in every city in the world, and if there’s a city without a Nigerian, then you should vacate the place without question. 

Even as the country records an increasing amount of emigration, one thing will always be certain, Nigeria is home! 

Owning properties and investments in the place you call home has several financial and social benefits. 

There are many reasons why you might want to invest in real estate from abroad, but one of the most important is that it gives you access to property markets where prices may be lower than they would be if you were actually living there yourself. This can make buying property much easier on your budget while still allowing you to make good returns on your investment over time.

If you are a Nigerian in diaspora interested in Real Estate Investing in the country, here’s a guide on what you need to know – 

Choose the Right Property

Choosing the right property to invest in is one of the most important decisions you will make. When it comes to buying real estate, location is everything. The best investment properties are those that are in high demand and can be rented out quickly at a fair price. There are many real estate investment strategies that you can take advantage of including – Flipping properties, Buy-and-hold investing, Investing in vacation rentals and short lets, etc. 

Understand RE Laws and Regulations

Before you can invest in real estate, you need to understand the local laws and regulations. This will help ensure that your investment is safe and secure.\

In addition to researching the local laws and regulations, it’s important that you understand how taxes and fees are applied when buying or selling property.

Invest with Trusted Property Companies

We have moved past the time where Nigerians in diaspora could only develop properties by sending funds to family members to help with projects. With the advancement of technology, more solution-driven property companies with good track records now offer these specialized services with great professionalism. Now you can build, own and invest in real estate from any part of the world—with discretion and transparency. 

Thinkmint Nigeria offers property consultancy services —to help guide you make the best investment decisions. 

Also explore our marketplace of off-plan properties across Nigeria here 

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