Ten Easy Ways To Identify Fake Real Estate Agents

Recently, the Nigerian real estate industry has experienced a boom and this has led to an increase in the number of real estate agents or realtors in Nigeria. While some are there to solve your real estate needs, others are just to dupe you of your hard-earned money. Honestly, anyone can fall victim when dealing with fake realtors or real estate agent because it’s not written on people’s faces. However, there certain features or signs you can use to identify a fake realtor.

Before we dive into that, let’s look at who a realtor or real estate agent is? A real estate agent or realtor is a licensed professional who represents both buyers and sellers in real estate transactions. The big question is, do Nigerian realtors have a license? Yes, not all, while some have others don’t and for the fact that they do not, that doesn’t make them totally unprofessional but it’s advisable for realtors or estate agents to have a license or certification in real estate.


Qualities of real estate agents or realtors in Nigeria, that you can deal with

  1. Honesty and Integrity: Being honest is crucial to a successful real estate career
  2. Problem solver: A true real estate agent must be able to proffer solutions to clients, problems at all times.
  3. Engaging personality: A good real estate agent or realtors must have a great attitude, confident, and knowledgeable of his product.
  4. Attention to details: It is imperative for real estate agents to pay close attention to client needs, organized, and also communicate well.
  5. Knowledge of the Nigerian real estate market: Real estate agents must have adequate knowledge of the Nigerian real estate market in terms of properties that are on hot sales, properties that increase more in value, and so on.
  6. Knowledge of Nigeria real estate laws: This is also crucial to deal with real estate agents that know about the laws backing owning a property in Nigeria.

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Having undressed into details the qualities you should expect from real estate agents in Nigeria. Let us now show you how you can easily spot the fake ones.

  1. They have no license or authorization from the real estate companies they are working for.
  2. They have less knowledge of the product they are selling.
  3. They do not pay attention to details and don’t answer your questions in a clear manner.
  4. They make sure that you have no or little information about them
  5. They ask you to pay into their bank account details not bearing the company’s name.
  6. They find it difficult to give a detailed account of the payment plan of the estate you want to buy.
  7. They keep asking you for unexpected costs.
  8. They have less knowledge of the product they are selling.
  9. They find it difficult to answer your objections in a clear manner.
  10. They find it difficult to provide you property documents for verification.

In conclusion: it is crucial for real investors to follow proper procedures when investing in real estate; investors should visit or view the property virtually, check some paperwork, get clarifications for every question bothering them,

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