Unbelievable Facts About Places To Live In Lagos.

Are you currently willing to buy a house in Nigeria or you are currently moving or planning to relocate? Then you might want to consider the metropolitan city of Lagos due to the lifestyle which includes; the exotic beaches and resorts, beautiful shopping malls, owanbe party, business activities, fashionable residential enclave, to mention but a few. If you are looking to reside in a serene and peaceful neighborhood, then this list explores the best places to stay or live in Lagos. 

Normally, Lagos itself is loosely divided into two geographical areas, Lagos mainland, and Lagos Island.

Lagos island is the location or area of Lagos separated from the “Mainland” main channel draining the lagoon into the Atlantic ocean, and it’s connected by the bridges, notably the third mainland bridge and the Carter bridge. Living on the island is expensive because of its luxury living. On the other hand, is the Lagos mainland is home to many because it offers more affordability than the Lagos Island to an average Lagosian.

Without further ado, let us now explore the different places to live in Lagos.

  1.  Ikoyi: Ikoyi is a place located on Lagos Island and a home of multi-billionaire investments and properties. Ikoyi is connected to Victoria Island, annexed by The Falomo bridge. It housed most of the Government infrastructures and projects, exotic beaches and resorts, expensive real estate, increased commercial activities ranging from banks, shopping complexes, and so on. It’s a fashionable enclave for upper-class citizens.Ikoyi is a place to live in Lagos beacuse, its crime free and a very safe neighbourhood.Ikoyi
  2. Lekki: It’s a city in Lagos state located some kilometers away from Ikoyi and its environs.The development in Ikoyi span through the Lekki axis which led to expensive real estate properties. Lekki also houses fashionable real estate properties, shopping malls, banks, schools to mention but a few. lekki
  3. Ajah: This is also a part of Lagos Island and it is one of the most affordable places in Lagos Island as middle-class individuals reside here too. This place also houses some modern and expensive real estate investment. Although some part of Ajah is affected by the flood as of 2021 there has been some development to curb that. Ajah is also boastful of sizeable shopping malls, restaurants, schools, bank e.t.cAjah
  4. Gbagada: This is a place located on the Lagos Mainland sharing boundary with Bariga and situated between Oshodi and Oworoshoki. Its neighborhood caters to the middle class and upper-class individuals. Gbagada environs are also boastful of banks, fashionable houses, schools, offices, hospitals, supermarkets e.t.c. Living here is affordable compared to Lekki and its environs.
  5. gbagadaIkeja: The capital of Lagos state, a place on the Lagos mainland for computer markets known as Otigba in which to some, it’s still known as Computer Village. The Muritala international airport is located here along with Local government administrative headquarters. Being the capital of Lagos State, Ikeja is the seat of the Lagos State Secretariat known as “Alausa” and the offices of the Governor and deputy governor of Lagos state.ikeja
  6. Magodo: A place on the Lagos mainland which have close proximity to Ikeja and Ikosi-Ketu. Just like Ikoyi, Magodo is home to successful business executives. It is basically a residential location and free from noise with little or no traffic.Magodo-scheme
  7. Yaba: One of the popular suburbs of Lagos mainland. It gains popularity because it is surrounded by Notable higher institutions and private varsities such as the University of Lagos, Yaba College of Technology, Federal college of education (Technical), Yaba College of Health,  St, Augustine Private University, and so on.Yaba_Lagos_Nigeria  CHECK: Properties for sale in Lagos
  8. Maryland: This is the home of most working-class people that is why you tend to encounter traffic both in the morning and evening. Maryland is also the central hub of Lagos as the expressway leads to Lagos island. The environment is clean, residents keep to themselves if you are the type that is reserved.

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