Things to Look Out For When Going For Your Next Property Inspection.

A property inspection is the buyer’s only chance to discover if there are issues with the house before purchasing it. It’s also an opportunity for the seller to address those issues and negotiate pricing with the buyer.

When buying a property, it is customary for sales agents to ask that you come inspect the property you plan on buying (we advise you do not pay for properties either off-plan or landed  before a thorough property inspection).

Property inspection, no doubt, can sometimes be exhausting for buyers. It takes both time and energy to drive to the location and check almost everything to be sure you want to buy. We know this. That is why we have made a checklist of things you need to look out for when buying a property.

Property Checklist:

  • Exterior: Landscape, trees, and general area topography, parking space, fireplace and chimney (if any), swimming pool equipment, and roofing are examples of exterior features. Check for cracks along the wall and if any part of the building looks off, check its proximity to the nearest road and also the nearest water source.
  • Plumbing: It’s important to check the plumbing of a property you intend to buy. Check the flushers and make sure they are working and that all pipes are not leaking.
  • Drainage: Ask for the area’s drainage system; it won’t be funny if you can’t get into your house after a rainy day because your road is flooded. Get a good view of the roads leading to the property and the drainage system?
  • Electricity: Ask for the main power source to your building. Check to see that all wires are properly packed and placed in a way that they are not visible to prevent accidents. Also confirm that the property has a constant electrical supply.
  • Estate Facilities: Facilities like perimeter fencing, security house, electricity source, road network and extra amenities to be provided for. Discuss these amenities with your inspection handler.
  • Roof: Request information about your roofing system and inspect it for cracks, leaks, and damage.
  • Foundation and Building structure: The foundation of the building is very important to how long the building will remain standing. Ask your inspection handler in-depth questions about the foundation. Also check the walls for cracks.


Your home is one of the most significant and valuable investments you will ever make. Property inspection can help you ensure that you’re making a wise investment.

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