Tips On How To Conduct Search On Property Titles In Lagos.

Conducting a search on property in Lagos can be time exhausting especially if you are not a lawyer or a surveyor who knows the nitty-gritty of it.

The procedure for verifying property titles can be conducted at the land registry in the Alausa area of Ikeja if Lagos. And this process of verifying properties cuts across different stages. These stages of verifying properties in Lagos include:

  1. Get the necessary documentation needed to conduct a search: Ensure you have a copy of the original document that you want to verify. Most especially a registered survey is required at this point. Then, a search fee of a required amount will be paid at the designated bank. An application form will also be issued so that the reason for the search will also be filled in.
  2. Conduct a search at the land registry: Every state in Nigeria has a land registry that is saddled with the responsibility of keeping an up-to-date record of all land transactions in the state. So far this article focuses on Lagos, the Lagos state land registry located in Secretariat Alausa, Ikeja Lagos is responsible for the storage of proper records of all and transactions in the state. The Lagos state land registry also performs the function of registering instruments affecting land in Lagos.
  3. Verification of survey at the office of the surveyor-general: This is an important step in the verification of property or land in Lagos state and it involves the confirmation of the location of the land through the coordinate as stated in the survey plan. Doing this will expose you to the status of the property, whether it’s committed or free from any known government acquisition.
  4. Verification of the company’s authenticity at the Corporate Affairs Commission: Virtually all real estate companies in Lagos are incorporated with the corporate affairs commission. Verifying ether a real estate company is registered with the corporate affairs commission can be done on their website and also disclose whether there is an encumbrance registered in CAC in respect to the company‚Äôs asset.
  5. Investigate traditionally: This is also important especially when you are buying from the indigent owners of the land. Usually, a proposed land to be sold is owned by the family not a single individual. This is why you need to identify the principal members of the family that owns the property.
  6. Lasty, inspect physically: Honesty, physical inspection of a property is also a way of verifying properties and it involves visiting the property in question. Sometimes, people abroad inspect property virtually. The benefit of inspections is that it makes you know the location of the property and as well reveal the defect of the property.

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In conclusion

It is vital to carry out due diligence when purchasing a property any property or land in Lagos in order to clear doubts and confusion, though it can be time-consuming still you have a piece of mind after your property purchase.

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