Untold Secrets About What You Need To Know About Survey Plan In Nigeria

A survey plan is another property document that is important for every property transaction. It gives an accurate measurement of a parcel of land and also describes it. The survey plan is just like a map of a property as it spells out the location where a particular property is located. As far as Nigeria is concerned, carrying out due diligence without the survey plan is not complete because the survey plan will save you a lot of headaches before you move ahead. If you find yourself in a situation where you are not been provided the survey plan for verification on demand, it is advisable that you should avoid such transactions.

Having said all these, let us take a critical look at what truly a survey plan is, its types, its features, how much it costs in Lagos.

A survey plan is a legal document that spells out the accurate measurement of a parcel of land. Registered surveyors are usually responsible for issues related to the survey plan. However, in running a search on a property, the survey plan is what will be taken to the land bureau for geographical verification of the property.

The cost of producing a survey plan differs from location to location and the size of the land. Also, the cost of the survey is regulated by the Nigeria Institution of Surveyors and Surveyor Council Of Nigeria. The price of a  survey plan in Lagos varies from one zone to another.

Features of  A Survey Plan

A good survey plan must have the following features:

  1. Name of the owner of the land surveyed by the surveyor.
  2. Size of the surveyed land
  3. Address of the surveyed land or description
  4. Beacon numbers
  5. A registered seal
  6. Signature of the surveyor and date it was drawn up
  7. Survey planned number
  8. Stamp showing that the land is free from Government acquisition or not.

Registered Survey Versus Provisional Survey.

A survey is said to be registered after it has been logged in the office of the surveyor General of the state. Registered surveys are usually expensive compared to the provisional survey. A provisional survey carries less information compared to the registered survey. A provisional survey, on the other hand, is cheap and is used in place of a survey plan but it is not a legal document. people issue provisional surveys when the land you buy is still under government acquisition.

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Important Uses of Survey Plan In Nigeria

The following are important uses of a survey plan in Nigeria.

  1. It is needed to obtain a Governor’s consent.
  2. It is needed to obtain a Certificate of occupancy
  3. It is also needed to buy or sell a property
  4. It is needed by the architect to obtain a building plan
  5. It is also needed by banks to obtain a loan when using your property to stand as collateral.
  6. It is needed by engineers for their work.

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In Conclusion

A survey plan is vital in every real estate transaction in Nigeria as it helps you to know the size of a landed property along with its status. It is advisable to avoid a property that lies within the committed area so as not to have issues with the government in the future. Also, do not forget that before you secure any property, carry out your due diligence by requesting a survey plan from the seller; agents, or real estate company.

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