Top Four (4) Most Affordable Off Plan Properties In Lagos.

Lagos is the most populous city in Nigeria and the second-largest in Africa. Despite, the fact that buying a fully finished home in Lagos can be very expensive, most especially for first-time homebuyers. Real estate developers have now decided to make off-plan homes available, whereby you have the ability to spread your payment for a year or two with or without interest.

What are off-plan homes? Off-plan homes are projects undergoing construction and so have not been completed yet.

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As far as Lagos is concerned, accommodation is skyrocketing compared to the cost of renting an apartment. Below are the topmost affordable off-plan properties in Lagos to consider as a first-time homebuyer.

  1. The Rex Apartment: This is one of the most affordable off-plan properties in Lekki area of  Lagos. It is a 14 premium apartment compromising of 12 units of 3 bedroom/maid room pent floor configuration. All room en-suite with generous living spaces with fitted kitchen and store. The pent floor apartments are made of 3 bedrooms en-suite with a maids room, large living room, separate dining with open plan kitchen. In addition, we have generous open terraced areas and balconies, adding a unique appeal to the exterior view of the building. Located in Freedom Way Lekki. This apartment allows you to spread your payment for a period of 12 months after the initial deposit has been made. off-plan property
  2. Reserville: A dream come true estate for aspiring homeowners. The estate comprises of different housing types namely; 3 bedroom apartment; Twin duplex; 3 bedroom terrace duplex with Boys quarter; 3 bedroom terrace duplex; 5 bedroom terrace, semi-detached, and detached duplex and 2 bedroom terrace duplex. The Reserville estate located in Ogombo, Ajah, Lekki has several features: good drainage systems, maximum security and power supply, and a good road network.affordable off plan properties in Lagos
  1. Rose Gardens: This estate unveils the true essence of style and exotic living featuring a four-bedroom terrace and semi-detached duplex, 2 bedroom terrace as the housing types. Located in Magboro Town. The estate unveils the true nature of a sophisticated lifestyle for first-time homeowners. It also features facilities that bring comfort. Flexible payment plan structure for two (2) years.affordable off plan properties in Lagos
  2. Comfort Château: This comprises exclusively detailed terrace duplexes in an environment that allows you to achieve a perfect blend of bespoke design, tasteful craft & top-class facilities for an enviable urban lifestyle.
    Each terrace unit has 3 bedrooms (all en-suite), sitting room, dining area, kitchen, storage, guest toilet, large parking space & private boys-quarters. This estate features amazing facilities which include: recreation area, gym house, security, surveillance camera, security, Pedestrian boulevard. In addition, this estate also gives room for up to 18 months of flexible payment plans to own a unit duplex.affordable off plan properties in Lagos

In conclusion

The benefit of off-plan properties cannot be over-emphasized. It gives an opportunity to buy below the market value. Also, you also have the opportunity to witness if construction protocols are being followed.

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