Most Affordable Estates To Consider When Buying Land In Lagos

Buying affordable land in Lagos is one of the most sought-after assets. Lagos is the fastest growing economy in Nigeria for commercial activities and investment has made people’s eyes to be wide open.

This is why we will be unveiling the most affordable estates to go for when buying land in Lagos.

  1. The Amari Gardens: This estate is located in a serene community accosted by neighboring estates. This estate has a Certificate of Occupancy as title and shares proximity with the notable Lakowe Golf Course, international schools; Green Spring and Caleb International School; Lufasi Nature, Funtopia, Omu Resort. This estate promises several infrastructures; a drainage system, 24 hours electricity, street light, access road, security, green area, and many more. Buying a plot of land in Amari Gardens located in Lakowe, Lagos guarantees good returns on investment and also gives you the opportunity to own a plot of land within a period of 24 months, isn’t that amazing.
  2. Martel Grandiose: This estate located behind Yaba College of Technology, Epe already gives you an idea of the kind of investment the property can be used for. Having multiple hostels is a good way to make as much rental income as you want. This estate also promises state-of-the-art facilities and grandeur. Speaking about Epe, a place for multi-billion naira investment which makes landed properties in this location to appreciates so fast. Martel Grandiose also offers the opportunity to own a plot of land within a period of 12 months. You can now see that you do not have to break the bank to own a plot of land in the fast-growing city of for sale in Epe
  3. Brickwood Lorenzo: This is another exquisite estate nestled in the prestigious Arepo Town via Journalist estate phase 1. The beautiful family moment is assured from the ambiance that comes in Brickwoods Lorenzo as you are set to enjoy all-around top grade facilities such as; Children’s playground, streetlights, CCTV, Lush greens e.t.c. This estate also offers the opportunity of ownership with 18 months flexible payment in arepo

In conclusion

Frankly speaking, there has been a high level of fraudulent practices when buying land in Lagos. This is why we implore that you carry out your due diligence before you deposit for any land. A lawyer will help in this case to verify property titles from the land registry in Alausa.

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