Buying a Home? Consider a Terrace

The decision-making period before buying a home involves filtering through property types and its features to find the perfect space that meets set desires and is also within reasonable budget.  

If you are looking to buy a home, it is important to explore the range of available options –in terms of property types in the market to allow you widen your options or narrow your criteria. 

In Nigeria, especially in places like Lagos and Abuja, developers are being greatly influenced by international exposure thereby building estates with cutting-edge architecture. 


Popular housing types in Nigeria include – Condominiums, Bungalows, Duplexes, Detached/Semi Detached Houses, Terraces, etc. 

In this article, Terraced Housing is the star feature. So if you are buying a home this year, here’s why you should consider getting a Terraced House. 


What is a ‘terraced house?’ 

Terraced or Terrace Housing are a row of houses that are built in a uniform manner and share a common wall on either side of the house except the corner unit. The inner walls are otherwise known as party walls and the houses at the end are called end-of-terrace

The defining characteristic of terrace housing is a row of identical houses that share side walls and mirror each other in style, format and construction. 

The style and practicality of modern terrace houses are attracting a new generation of buyers.



Relatively Cheaper to Own

Terrace houses are commonly cheaper in pricing than other property types like Detached and Semi Detached Duplexes. This is because of the slightly lower construction cost of terraced units compared to others. Dunvale Court V, a collection of 3-Bedroom Terraces along Orchid Road Lekki is a classic affordable Terrace option compared to other properties within the same location.

Lower cost savings is primarily through use of precut sub-units which inherently maximize available units per given landscape and also from having fewer windows and party walls. 


Maximizes Investment Value

Terrace houses are often simple, repetitive designs built with the single goal in mind to maximize the investment of the property they are being built on. With each dwelling being connected to each other, there is no need for the hefty exterior material costs.


Lower Maintenance Cost

Modern thinking in Architecture creates Terrace housing designs with more usable open space and shared common amenities. The cost of maintenance of these amenities are also suitably shared amongst occupiers. 


Unlike apartment blocks, Terrace houses have no properties above or below. Each unit has a separate entrance without any interior connection between two units. This also offers a level of privacy that apartment blocks do not. Enjoy prime lifestyle in the Modern-Styled Terraces in Abraham Adesanya, Ajah – Reserville Estate


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