Cost Of Getting A Certificate of Occupancy In Lagos State

The cost of getting a Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) varies from one state to another. places like Lagos and Abuja are known to be relatively more expensive than every other places. Also, the cost of certificate of occupancy can be calculated based on square meters of land and the location where the land is situated. This is referred to as Fair Market Value. This value is determined by professionals who are adapted by the state government.


The procedure of obtaining a C of O may require 30 working days. The following are clearly spelt out procedures to obtaining one.

  1. Applicant purchase an application and submit allocation to the Land Use Allocation Committee.
  2. Applicants gets allocation slip and letter of allocation.
  3. Applicants make payment for allocated land and gets letter of allocation with block number.
  4. Scheme officer processes C of O application, signs, and forward files to secretary of the Land Use Allocation Committee.
  5. Digitized survey is produced by the surveyor general, which is later passed to the scheme officer.
  6. Letter of allocation gets signed by the executive secretary
  7. The executive secretary signs off on file and sends file to the Superior Special assistant to the Governor on lands.
  8. The Superior Special Assistant sends entire file with a covering memo the Permanent Secretary on lands bureau.
  9. If file comes with query, a message is relayed back to notify where file is coming from
  10. The Governor approves file and signs the C of O electronically.
  11. The file is sent to the Deputy Registrar for processing.
  12. The Deputy Registrar further processes the file and send it further.
  13. The Registrar of titles finally registers it, signs off and request for printing of C of O.

The above procedures are steps for obtaining the C of O of a state owned land.

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                          DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR OBTAINING C of O

The following are documents required to obtain a C of O for a state owned land

  1. Survey plan
  2. Formal letter of application addressed to the Executive Secretary of Land Use Allocation Committee.
  3. All payment receipts of land charges.
  4. Passport photographs inclusive of one with a white background.
  5. Evidence of income tax payment
  6. Recent development levy ( If companies, you need evidence of payment of income tax of two directors and development levy).
  7. Information form
  8. Evidence of income tax payment

In conclusion

The procedure for obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy in Lagos State may be time consuming. It is also vital to note that the electronic C of O is also very important just like the yellow one.  It is legitimate and can be used to conduct land transactions.

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