Understanding Colors In Homes

The effect of colors in our homes has a significant impact on the mind. The type of colors you paint your home affects your physiological and psychological well-being. It remains the visual language that many understands all over the world, this is why architects are now exploring the potential of colors in homes.

It is generally known that the kind of colors you use to paint your home reveals your kind of personality.

This article will expose you to what different colors mean in architecture;

  1. BLUE: This is a calming and serene color that signifies intelligence. Using blue as your interior décor creates a feeling of confidence in your home. Medically, the color has been proven to lower blood pressure. It is also know to suppress your appetite when used in the kitchen. This is because they are no many foods with the color of blue.
  2. WHITE: Everyone loves white irrespective of the fact that you have a favorite color. It signifies simplicity, innocence, and perfection. It can be used to create an atmosphere of freshness and purity in your home. It is usually combined with other colors when used in homes to call attention to certain things and elements in your home. Although, people believed that the color stains easily, especially if you have kids at home. A good way to get past this is to have some white paint left in your store to correct the stained area.
  3. GREEN:  This symbolizes growth and health. If you come to think of nature,  the color expresses life and renewal. It indicates a feeling of abundance. Using Green for your house design symbolizes a stable home. It can also be combined with other colors so as to make your home sophisticated.
  4. YELLOW: A female color as they say . It is the color of the sun, a smiley face, and a youthful one. Being an optimistic color makes your home more brighter. You don’t have to use this color on your walls but to complement other colors. Your kitchen cabinets can be yellow and can be used to call attention to some elements or things in your home. For instance, your home furniture, flowers can be in this color.
  5. PINK: Just like Yellow, Pink is usually a female color. It is more used as interior décor to exterior.  This color symbolizes comfort, calmness, and optimism. It is also related to love to represent tenderness and romance. Having your sitting room furnitures in this color is not a bad idea.
  6. RED: As we all know, it is  used to symbolize danger when considering the negative aspect of it. Unlike blue which depreciates one’s appetite, red increases one’s appetite which is why its used in the kitchen for cabinets. It is a passionate, vibrant, and sexuality color. Famous people are often given a red carpet treatment. Due to the fact that it is a bold color that makes one stand out from the crowd, it can be used to call out certain elements in your home.

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In conclusion

Every colour you use in your home can be used to depict your kind of personality. These colors can be mixed to make the interior and exterior of your home beautiful. Kindly share this content by clicking on the social icons and also share your thought on using colors in the home.

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