Four (4) Tips To Identifying Rental Scams In Lagos

Many want to rent an apartment in Lagos because of its center for the commercial hub in the country. People’s desire to live in this city has made some to become a victim of a rental scam. This affects their financial goals as they might have to start gathering money to rent again. Asides from the fact that it affects their financial goals, it also affects the victim psychologically because they will have to brood over it. Honestly, getting scammed by fake real estate agents is not a thing to wish your enemy not to talk of yourself.

In order to avoid being a victim. We will be analyzing some secrets to you as to signs you need to put into consideration so as to avoid being a victim.

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         Tips On How To Avoid Being A Victim Of Scam When Renting An Apartment In Lagos

  1. Quick transaction: If you have ever found yourself under pressure so as to quickly pay for an apartment, just know that you are about to fall victim. Scam agents will try as much as possible to lure you to pay before inspecting a property. Also, they stage the process by connecting you with other prospects and claiming they have also shown interest in the apartment whereas these people are part of them.

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  1. They send you very attractive photos: This strategy is very rampant among fake real estate agents, they tend to send you fascinating pictures to get you more interested in the apartment. It is important to take your time to visit the property physically and if possible do a live video call with the agent. As far as Nigerian real estate is concerned, inspecting a property has shifted from physical to virtual. By inspecting the property you want to rent, would save you from losing money because a fraudulent agent can easily get pictures online.

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  1. Agreement form: When you want to rent an apartment in Lagos, it is your legal right to request an agreement form so as to avoid future disagreement. Ensure you avoid any form of verbal agreement between you and your agent. It is also important to identify who the owner of the property is. The owner would surely have a legal document to back it up. In a situation whereby there are two legal owners, ensure you request confirmation from the other party.
  2. You are shown uncompleted buildings: When an estate agent shows you that an uncompleted building is available for rent and asking you to pay before others do. Just count this as one of the signs of the rental scams. Although, there are genuine real estate developers who have projects undergoing construction. If you come across this, ensure you visit the developer’s office for further clarifications before you make a commitment.

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In Conclusion

The rental scam is on the increase in Lagos, ensure you ask questions where necessary before you make payment to rent an apartment. If you noticed any of the above mentioned just “Japa”.Ensure you share this with your friends and family because you never might know that you are helping them. Kindly share with us your thought in the comment session if you have come across any form of these situations highlighted above. We will like to learn from you.

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