What You Need To Understand About Excision Of Land

Excision of land simply means when the government frees an expanse of land to the people or community to use for their own personal purpose.

Every community or village has lands that have been in possession for thousands of years which have been passed from generation to generation. These lands owned by the families are known to possess some element of natural resources like Gold, Copper, Oil, Silver, and Cash crops. The custodians of the family which are usually the head of the family keep the record of these lands in their possessions and aggressively ward off trespassers.

The Birth Of Excision Of Land

Some decades ago during the era of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, the Federal government enacted the land use act of 1978 to curb the government from paying families before they can acquire land for certain purposes. This law made the government own all landed properties in Nigeria with the state governments becoming owners of land in their respective states.

Prior to 1978 before the enactment of the land use act, families could control whoever could own land in their communities even the government.

The introduction of the Land Use Act of 1978 gave the federal and state government 100% authority to own all lands in the country and state respectively.

However, for you to own land, you need to seek the permission of the government to own one. It is also pertinent to note that not all lands can be excised. The lands under global acquisition can be subject to excision.

Let us take a look at this scenario

Out of 100 plots of land in a community, the government takes 20 plots and leaves 80 plots for the community for whatever purpose they intend to use it for. These 20 plots are known to be Lands that are under government acquisition. And no one is entitled to purchase such lands. In addition, anyone that buys such lands is at risk because it belongs to the government for a purpose best known to them.

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Furthermore, the 80 plots of land that is been excised to the community are recorded in the official government record known as GAZETTE which records every event. This record spells out every detail of lands that have been granted Excision.

The process of getting land excised between the community and the government is known as Excision in Process. This process comes with a lot of difficulties as it takes years and powers are being changed in the government.  In fact, it is a complicated process because not all the lands are later been granted excision.

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In addition, some of the community lands are been used to sponsor the process for granting excision when there is a lack of funds and this reduces the total amount of lands that are finally been excised.

In conclusion

Truthfully speaking, It is unsafe to purchase Excision in process land because it is a 50-50 chance as it may take years upon years before the excision can be granted.


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