Managing financial stress for better investment opportunities.

The world’s richest people created wealth by investing or being invested in. Investment in the right assets will continually be a guaranteed way of multiplying and storing wealth for a secured future. 

GenZ and Millenials are navigating adulthood through the recession and a pandemic. The uncertainties and fluctuations of today’s economy are bound to cause financial burdens triggered by the lack of (or the fear of the lack of) money.

You deserve to live a happy, healthy and wealthy life, so we’ve shared a couple of tips to help you with managing financial stress, so when investment opportunities come by, you will be ready to secure your future. 


Identify Sources of Financial Stress

If you are constantly worrying about money, you need to first identify what goes wrong with your finances. Are you not making enough money? Are you spending more than you make? What do you spend money on the most? 

When these sources of stress have been laid out in clear terms, you can begin to take action on each one. Can you reduce your expenses or increase your revenue? 


Create a Monthly Budget

A budget is a powerful tool that allows you to decide when and how you spend your money. The monthly budget you create should be one that you can stick to. Classify your expenses into bills, needs, wants, and savings. Use your budget to determine how much you can dedicate to a savings account after taking out bills and expenses.

 To ensure that you stay committed to your savings plan, have an end goal –which means, you should make a plan on what the savings is for (Real Estate Investment, Down payment for a Home, Emergency Fund, etc).


Live Healthy 

Health, as we’ve come to know, is wealth. Take care of your mental, emotional & physical wellbeing by letting go of negative habits, getting enough sleep, prioritizing relaxation, exercising, listening to music, and essentially keeping a healthy diet.


Find a Support Community

Social Media has taught us the essence of networking and building communities. Being a part of a group where everyone shares a common story or challenge is a comforting way to seek change. You can find an accountability partner to share honest feedback with, as your journey progresses. 


Grab Investment Opportunities

In Real Estate, opportunities often come once. The nature of the market is such that the value of assets tends to increase over time. This means, a property that sold for N10M in 2022, can begin to sell for N18M in 2023.

So when you evaluate your investment fund, and verify the investment credibility, grab the opportunity without delay! 

The Novarick Buy-Back Scheme is an investment hot on the real estate market right now. The best part is that you can invest with as little as N100K and earn as much as 45%.

Learn all about The Buy-Back Offer here.


We hope you take these steps to find your way to financial freedom. Don’t forget to document your wins every step of the way.

See you at the top, Champ!

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