How to refresh your home for 2023

Refresh your home for the new year.

You know what they say when the new year is upon us. ‘New Year, New Me.’ Then go ahead to make a bunch of resolutions that are hardly kept. 

This time, we are doing it differently. It’s ‘New Year, New Home’. For some, it means moving into a new home and starting a new life altogether. For others, as we will take you through in this article, it means moving into the new year with a home refreshed to house your goals for the year. 

To help you start 2023 off on the right foot, we gathered our favorite ways to easily refresh your home for the New Year. Let’s put the holiday decorations away and get started on those home refresh resolutions.


If you are looking to start on a new good slate, you have to let go of the things that you hoard, which take up space and may not necessarily have a use around the house anymore. Clutter is the number one culprit of a disorganized home. So why not start your refreshing journey getting rid of them. 

Scrub everything down 

Giving your entire space a good cleaning will be the next ideal step. A clean, clutter-free space makes a great start to the New Year. It’s been shown that cleaning your home boosts your mental health. Not just because you have a fresh space to unwind in but because the physical activity releases those important happy endorphins.

Focus on one room at a time. Dust lurks in so many places in a home and can really make things look gloomy. Grab a duster and go deep in places you neglect every other day like the ceiling fans, blinds, door knobs, ceiling, under furniture, light switches, etc. 

Switch up Colors & Patterns 

What better way to switch things up than to let go of the old mood in your house. Paint is the easiest way to make a huge difference in any space. You may also decide to add some jazz with colorful wallpapers in the bedroom, bathroom, or hallway. 

Pro-tip – Give your house a new look by switching or mixing the throw pillows and shams on your sofa with fresh new patterns. This is an inexpensive style that makes a huge change. 

Create a New Look with Existing Decor 

Sometimes, you have all you need to turn things up a notch. Rearrange your furniture and decor in a different style without the need to spend a dime. Study your space and experiment as you go.

Consider moving some furniture from a bedroom and using it to mix up things in your main living areas. An armchair or a side table from elsewhere in the house can change the feel of a room and add a new element. 

Add Life to your Space

Flowers and greenery have a way of making your space refreshed. Adding plants to your home is a proven way to boost your mood and overall health. It is exciting to care for them and then watch them thrive and bloom in fine green colors. 

You can also choose to opt for realistic-looking artificial plants if you don’t have the time to care for real plants. 

Renew your Lighting 

The beauty of any space will be in full glare when it is well-lit. Updating the lighting in your home will make a big difference to the look and style. Find new spots to incorporate more lighting and you can create a statement piece like a chandelier if within your budget. 

Lit up Scents

You can sometimes liken how clean a home is, to how it smells. It is an essential part of refreshing your home for new beginnings. 

Freshen up with citrus or floral-scented candles for a fresh, homey, and cozy feel. 

Create a space for your goals 

The thing about making resolutions is that they are mostly ambiguous without definitive steps on how to achieve them. So it is let  go after a short while.

Creating a space within your home that supports your goals (resolution) for the year, will help  make things easy, fun and serve as a daily physical reminder to keep at it. 

This may be rearranging your kitchen shelves to help you enjoy cooking, fixing a treadmill by the corner of your living area, or creating a home office, etc. Think of the goals you have for the year and consider making a safe space within your home that will serve as a sanctuary to help you achieve them. 

We hope you found this guide on how to refresh your home for 2023 helpful. 

Let us at Thinkmint Nigeria be the first to wish you a Happy New Year! 🎊 It will be a year of prosperity in abundance. See you in 2023!

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