Best Five Places To Live In Ogun State

Ogun state, a southwestern part of Nigeria known to border Lagos state to the south and Oyo and Osun state to the North, and Ondo to the east.

Excerpts from Business day show that Ogun state elbows Lagos state in Nigeria’s industrialization. It is known to house several manufacturing hubs in Nigeria some of which include; Lafarge Cement, Nestle, Dangote cement, Gamble amongst many others.

This industrialization has really skyrocketed the development of the state thereby bringing in more investors to the state. In addition, due to the hustle and bustle activities that characterize Lagos state, have led to people moving there to start a family.

This article critically explains places you can live in Ogun State especially if you are starting a family.

These places are selected based on the factors; peacefulness, cost of living, and social amenities

  1. Arepo: This is one of the populated cities in the state sharing boundaries with Lagos state. Arepo is few minutes drive from the capital of Lagos State and its dominated by residential properties with good neighborhood and commercial hubs like malls, amusement centers, Punch Newspapers, The Tribune, Opic Scheme, and lots more.                                        Check: Affordable land for sale in Arepo
  2. Abeokuta: This is the capital of Ogun State. Being the capital, it’s known to be beautiful with social amenities easy to access, with a reasonable cost of living. A peaceful area to be especially to young ones willing to start a family. Olumo rock which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Nigeria is located here.
  3. Sango Ota: This is another popular city in Ogun state, also shares a border with Lagos state. Located along Lagos-Abeokuta expressway. The presence of many industries has affected investment opportunities in this axis. Also, the town is known to have several residential estates and commercial hubs like; Cinemas, Factories e.t.c. The location is peaceful but the cost of living here does not differ from living in Lagos state. This is attributed to the fact it’s a boundary to Lagos state.
  4. Mowe Ibafo: This town gains popularity from the Redemption Camp. The disadvantage of living here is the bumper-bumper traffic that occurs when the church starts its activities. If you try this, just ensure you take a mosquito repellant cream along with you because you will be sleeping on the road. In addition, the town is located along the Lagos-Ibadan expressway. The cost of living here does not differ from that of Lagos too but lacks insecurity issues.        Check: Own a 4- bedroom duplex with 12 months payment plan
  5. Ijebu Ode: This town is located close to the highway. The cost of living here is very low with less or no insecurity issues. Social amenities are always on ground. The dwellers of the town are known to have access to good roads as well.

In conclusion

Ogun state is a good location to live if you are the type that cannot withstand the Lagos stress. The state has a large number of industries, residential estates, and good social amenities.

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