Everything You Need To Know About Smart Home

The introduction of home technology which is also referred to as smart homes has brought peace of mind to homeowners, allowing them to monitor their homes remotely with a device usually a smartphone or tablet.

A smart home simply refers to a sophisticated and convenient home setup where all home devices can be automatically controlled from anywhere with the internet using a smartphone. Home automation often refers to as a smart home. Its benefit cannot be over-emphasized as it provides homeowners with maximum security, convenience, and energy saving. Oftentimes, a phone app is usually used to control or monitor home attributes such as lighting, entertainment systems, security, and appliances.


The following are the best features of a smart home;

  1. Lighting control: This is one of the main features of a smart home. Despite, the fact that people are not satisfied with manually turning lights on and off. They can now turn to control your home lights remotely from a distance. Interestingly, homeowners are now welcoming new technology of the lighting system whereby colors can be changed based on your moods and schedule. More importantly, lightning can also be controlled using a voice.
  2. Door Entry: Smart homes have saved homeowners from having to go all the way to the door when a doorbell rings. With the intercom, visitors can communicate with homeowners from the phone. The most interesting part of it is that this communication can be done anywhere without which the homeowner has to be at home. Also, with this feature, home access can be granted via the app. Furthermore, they can also be accessed via fingerprint or code, or card unlike the traditional method of using the keys.
  3. Home Device Control: With the Alexa or Google Home voice-activated system and your phone app, home devices such as the television, audio systems, refrigerators, blinds with other home appliances can be controlled with ease.
  4. Climate control: With the intelligent climate control system, you can control every room’s temperature. The sensors place in the entire room of the house monitors every room’s temperatures. With that, you can adjust and schedule every room temperature to your favorite.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Smart Home

The following are advantages of a smart home

  1. Energy efficiency: Smart home technology has made it possible to increase energy efficiency because you can have precise control over your lights, home temperatures, and appliances. When you leave or resume home, you don’t have to worry about wasting energy.
  2. Home management: With smart home technology, you have the ability to adjust to a new lifestyle. How is this possible? It grants you access to how you watch TVs and what you watch, the kind of food you keep in your refrigerator, and energy consumption over time. These make you cultivate a better habit and behavior.
  3. Maximize Home Security: home automation system can connect automated door locks, CCTV cameras, motion detectors, and other security measures in your home. These security measures can be activated on your smartphone before going to bed or when absent from home.

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Disadvantages Of A Smart Home

It is generally known that every good thing comes with one or more challenges. The challenges of smart home automation are not far from security risks and bugs. Hackers can gain access to a smart home’s internet-enabled appliances.

In order to mitigate such risks, you need to ensure that your network is connected to only trusted devices and also protect your devices with a very strong password.

In Conclusion

Having a smart home technology ensures convenient living and reduces cost savings but the cost of installing such technology can be expensive.

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