The Secret Of Home Lighting

Finding perfect lighting for different rooms in your home is not an easy task. A major mistake people make is using one type of lighting for all the rooms in the house. Proper lighting makes you feel safer, comfortable and also allows you to enjoy your home to its full potential. Every room in the house has specific lighting needs. The type of lighting you will use for your living area is totally different from that which you will use for other rooms in the house. There are so many lights to use in the house and these range from chandelier light, dim lights, led light to bright light.

If you are going to pick a perfect light for your home, you need to set out a lot of time. This article will expose you to how to select the right lighting option for every room in your home.


The following are the different types of home lighting

  1. Ambient: This is the primary type of lighting found in a room. It allows you to move around the room safely. This type of lighting is referred to as general lighting because it is typical lighting that is required for each room in the house. For instance, brighter light is more needed in the kitchen and toilet than in the rooms which require dim light.
  2. Accent: This type of lighting is more decorative and is often used to provide mood lighting. In addition, accent lighting is used to draw attention to focal things in the house such as wall paintings, bookshelf e.t.c. They are usually chandeliers and lamps.
  3. Task lighting: As the name implies, this light is always needed when a certain task is required. That is, they are meant to provide lights for certain activities in the house. Activities such as reading a book or making up in front of the mirror. They can be mounted on the mirrors, wall or be sited to a desk. They are meant to light up the entire room and areas where the activities are been performed.

Now that you have understood the different types of home lighting, let us now look at the different lights required for every room of the house.

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  • Living room: Simply made for entertainment. With that, you do not have to always use bright light all the time. Table lamps, floor lamps, and scones are not a bad idea for the living room.
  • Dining room: A bright light is required for the dining room. With that, a chandelier is best instead of having a red light. For better brightness, the chandelier should be placed directly in the middle of the dining room table.
  • Bedroom: This needs nothing more than warm lighting. Ideally, table lamps are required to read or while watching television, you can leave a lamp on by your side.
  • Bathroom:  Led light is of necessity. Bright lights are recommended to be above the mirrors
  • Kitchen: Bright lights like chandeliers are needed for the focal areas of the kitchen. Also, dimmer lighting is required for areas that are seldomly used.

In conclusion

It can be very difficult in getting the perfect lighting for your home if handled by yourself. Hiring a professional interior décor will save you a lot of stress and time.



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