Scented candles give off a subtle aroma that adds to the ambience created by the candlelight they emit.
Smells in the indoor environment can be controlled to create certain moods. Scents can be used to stimulate one’s sense of smell and emphasize the season. Similarly, creating a “warm” smell, cinnamon, and apples, for example, during a festive season places everyone in a festive mood.

Relax; unwind with the all-time soothing effect of only premium natural fragrances, coupled with candlelight to transform your home, office, spa, restaurant, or outdoor space into a heavenly abode.

SENSEI candles by Aroma 24/7 can make you the perfect scented candles of your choice.
Perfect for any occasion, our nicely packed scented candles make beautiful gifts and can be customized with signature aromas and logos

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