Omodunke Adelakun – CEO Loewe Technology

Omodunke Adelakun

“Luxury means a benchmark; it’s for people who want to live a specific type of lifestyle and have discernment for the fine things of life, and in every society, this class of people always exists.” Born in Ogun State, Nigeria. Mrs Omodunke Adelakun has about 29 years of experience in the banking and marketing sector […]

Chiedu Nweke – MD/CEO Periwinkle Residences

Chiedu Nweke

“For us at Periwinkle Residences, the growth of the immediate society in which we operate matters. Hence why we got involved in matters affecting the community at Itedo.” Chiedu Nweke (LL.M.) is a Pacesetter in Nigeria’s Real Estate Industry with a bird’s-eye view and a ‘lemon to lemonade’ approach in developing swampland for Real Estate. […]

Construction Industry Needs To Negotiate Increasingly Complex World

John Sanei “When nothing is certain, anything is possible. The complex world we are moving into requires economies of learning and robustness,” John Sanei, futures strategist, human behavior specialist, and best-selling author. Sanei was speaking at a virtual conference held by construction software company RIB CCS – #futurenow – which explored the urgent need for […]

Interview With Jide Odusolu

Creating a community at Ocean Bay was more important than closing deals – Jide Odusolu   Talk about a highly principled, professional, and poised mid-aged mover and shaker in the Nigerian real estate industry, Jide Odusolu fits in all. Leaving an “almost perfect job” in one of Nigeria’s best oil and gas companies, Jide embraced […]