Uninterrupted FINLAND

  Uninterrupted Finland is carved within the borders of Norway, Sweden, and Russia and it’s complemented with 180,000 cosmopolitan little islands. Although the Scandinavian mountains span across the Northwestern part, Finland possesses flat landscapes. The unspoiled Northern Province that is known as Lapland stoops overhead the region. Finland can be portrayed as a panoramic place […]



Surging from an economy almost entirely dependent on producing agricultural commodities for exportation to a much more modernized and diversified one, the country’s growth is a shock to the world. For many years, the country depended on the exportation of cocoa, bananas, and nutmeg to various countries but the fluctuation in the prices of their exported goods, natural disasters, and the threatened […]

Grenada – Spice of the Caribbean 


As an independent country that thrives on culture and history, a real estate investment in Grenada will leave you in great astonishment Grenada is one of the smallest yet independent countries in the western part of the world. The country boasts of beautiful and enticing scenery with fertile valleys, rainforests and mountain lakes, impeccable cuisines, […]

Atacama desert

Atacama desert

From the implausibly luxurious contrast of breathtaking beauty to the intimidating landscapes ranging from the northern Atacama desert to the Parinacota volcano to the cosmopolitan capital of Santiago, the diversification and luxury of Chile is a must-add to a luxurious real estate investment plan. Chile is a country beautiful in its geography and rich in […]



WHERE TO INVEST Some cities that ranked most luxurious in Chile are Puerto Montt, Vina del Mar, La Serena, Puerto varas, and the almighty Santiago. Each city carries a story and history that has already been made. Below is our collation of the best cities to invest in Chile and why: SANTIAGO Santiago, also known […]

Hotel Getaway

On entering the 12 Apostles, you will definitely be greeted by the ambiance of nature blended with a luxurious feel of lifestyle and an atmosphere that relaxes you. The 12 Apostles hotel is on the Atlantic Seaboard, a good distance from the False Bay beaches lapped by the Indian Ocean of Cape Town. The water […]

Chile, a melting spot of beauty and elegance

Chile is one of the wealthiest nations on the continent and the leader in the region from a human capital perspective. Breathing so much exclusivity and richness, Chile creates high impact and lasting memories that can make a difference and satisfy the needs of someone bored with being in the same place and doing the […]