Maria Esterhuysen, MD for Seeff Namibia says they have seen some buyer caution but with the interest rate better than in prior years, it is a great incentive to buy and there is plenty of stock and sellers willing to negotiate.


In the Walvis Bay area, we are seeing high demand in the N$800 000 to N$1 800 000 price range. Here too, tenants are exiting the rental market and buying their own homes, not just young people but we are also seeing families looking to expand but still keeping under the N$1 800 000 price mark to keep installments similar to monthly rentals. There are also some who are investing in two apartments; one to live in and one to rent out.


The rental market experienced a similar impact to SADC neighbors with tenants not able to pay full rent and landlords either accommodating or needing to write off losses, but the market remains active. Landlords are keen to hold on to paying tenants due to the risk of finding another tenant.


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