The Sofas

Joana Vasconcelos offers a series of sofas with fluid, organic and generous shapes that can be composed and combined according to one’s wishes. The colors reflect Joana Vasconcelos’ optimism and creativity: direct, fresh, tart, and deep shades are united yet outlined by the black stripes. The backs are all mobile and independent, allowing free form for each sofa. These pieces give full freedom to design your own comfort … either sitting or lying down.

“When we approached Joana Vasconcelos to collaborate with Roche Bobois, we had two wishes in mind. Our first intention was to give voice to a contemporary artist who is touching yet surprising, and to offer her to work with an unusual medium of expression: the functional object. But above all, our goal was to offer our clients the chance to bring home a piece of a dream: a creative, flamboyant, and delightful collection, an optimistic and quirky
version of our French Art de Vivre, as transcended by the eye of Joana Vasconcelos.’’
Nicolas Roche

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